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Montana Cool, Inc. has been serving St. Cloud through West Plam Beach and all the surrounding areas since 1985 with over 33 years combined air conditioning experience.

We have built a responsive organization that is focused on taking care of your Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning needs. All of our workers are trained to assist you in maintaining and improving your indoor comfort level.

Our operating philosophy is to provide you with the most timely, professional, and complete installation and service.

  • Dispatchers schedule and direct our factory-trained service and installation technicians in their fully-stocked trucks.

  • Consultants are available to provide you with free estimates on new installations.

Ongoing training is critical to maintaining our high skill level.

  • We are certified to test, start up and balance Liebert Computer Cooling Systems *

  • We are constantly certifying and training gas piping technicians.

Quality control and improvement continues to be an integral part of our organization.

  • All co-workers are encouraged to identify areas of our services or installations that could be improved.

  • The suggestion is then studied by co-workers familiar with that area and new procedures are recommended, drafted, approved, and implemented.

  • In this way, we are continually improving the value of the services we deliver to you.


Montana Cool provides both residential cooling & commercial cooling services.

  • Central Air Conditioning System Installation

  • Central Air Conditioning System Repairs

  • Central Air Conditioning System Maintenance

  • Central Air Conditioning System Replacement

  • Residential Air Conditioning Service

  • 24/7 Local Emergency Air Conditioning Service

  • High-efficiency systems Complete Service

  • Indoor Air Quality / Purification

  • Humidifiers Installation & Repair

  • Air Conditioning Tune Ups

  • Split Air Conditioning Systems Installation

  • Split Air Conditioning Systems Repair

  • Commercial Roof Top Units Repairs & Maintenance

  • Commercial Roof Top Units Replacement & Installation



Licensed and Insured CMCO 57181
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